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Eyelashes! Care and Growth

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Pick any cartoon couple: Donald Duck and Daisy. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. If we erase the girls’ long eyelashes (and the big bows from their heads), a lot of people might be confused. Long, voluminous and curled lashes are, for me, one of the greatest symbols of feminine charm. The makeup look might even be basic; if the lashes are flattering, that’s definitely something else! It will lift any tired-from-getting-pushed-by-the-boss eyes! LOL!!

Since that’s how I feel about eyelashes, every morning, there I go and find my lash enhancer of the day. Some people will disagree, but my everyday history with mascara screams: “Take good care of them!” So, I avoid waterproof mascara on an everyday basis because I have to rub my eyes harder to get it off, which causes my eyelashes to fall off and get weaker. Again, that’s me. Not everyone has that kind of issue with waterproof mascara.

Besides that, every now and then I let them off the hook: no mascara for a day or two. (Hey! Who says I do it with a smile on my face? LOL!)

Since my dear eyeleashes suffer like this and are not that long and voluminous, I decided I needed help. And it came from my eyebrow designer, Glaucio. He told me about Talika Lipocils Expert, a great mascara-like product that you are supposed to use every day,  twice a day. (After the curve there’s a tutorial in pictures!) What does it do? It estimulates growth, darkens the lashes and curves them. They promise that after 28 days, your lashes will get up to 36% longer, 50% darker and 50% stronger. And it works!!! My mom and I have tested it and we felt a great difference.

Where to find it? In NY, I remember seeing it at Duane Read Pharmacy. There’s also Amazon and eBay right? On their website there is also an international store locator. So, if you live anywhere other than in the US, just click here to find a distributor near you!

Hey! What about the bonus on the title of the post?

Well…. The other good news is they have a similar product for… EYEBROWS! I’ve never personally used it, but my mom has and she loved it! It’s called Talika Eyebrows Lipocils. Isn’t that great?

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